Who Am I

I’m an experienced software developer, hardware and PCB designer specialized in embedded systems. I have been working at Eptar srl since 1998 and then at Eurek srl since 2007 where I developed the PC and RaspberryPi software for board testing, I wrote BSP firmware for several custom boards (microcontroller based).
I wrote EcceGui framework, a graphic library plus several hardware abstraction layers for I/O, SPI bus, I2CBus, CanBus, filesystem and network access, especially for Cortex-M microcontrollers.
I know several programming languages (but I’m an expert with the C language), operating systems (Linux, Windows) and software tools; I have been working with microcontrollers since 1998 (first with Atmel AVR and then with Cortex-M, mainly STM32).
My passion started with Amiga and C language since 1990s when I built an adapter for parallel ATA IDE hard disks for Amiga500.
As hardware designer I developed several boards from small microcontrollers to fast microprocessors like Samsung 2440 ARM9, Freescale (now NXP) iMX28 SOCs, and recently iMX6 Dual and Quad Cortex-A9, both schematic and PCB designs.
I wrote a driver included in offical Linux kernel 2.6, it is still present in recent kernels.
I also have experience in VHDL design on Xilinx Spartan FPGA. Several years ago I have built a whole embedded system on a FPGA with Microblaze softcore processor and ucLinux.

Claudio Lanconelli

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