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Claudio Lanconelli

I'm an experienced PC and embedded programmer. I have been working at Eptar/Eurek srl since 1997 where I developed the software and firmware for industrial automation devices.
I'm in the computer world since 1990, when I started playing with my Amiga and C language.
I know several programming languages (but I'm an expert with the C language), operating systems (Linux, Windows) and software tools; I have been working with Atmel AVR since 1998, I used also other 8/16bit microcontrollers (Fujitsu, Hitachi, PIC). Recently we have designed an embedded ARM9 board with Samsung S3C2442 and Linux called S162.
I wrote a driver included in offical Linux kernel 2.6, and another one is on the way.
I also have experience in VHDL design on Xilinx Spartan II and 3. I have built an whole embedded system on FPGA with Microblaze softcore and ucLinux.

You can reach me at the address:mail to me